Title Cost
Using Marketing to Plant Your Flag in the Community, Growth & Marketing of an Independent Vein Practice, Marketing in Contemporary Medical... $24.00
Advanced Imaging: Diagnosis of Pelvic Obstruction, MRV & CTV ACP Advanced Imaging Workshop (CONG2011-32) $24.00
Capturing the Patient's Voice (CONG2011-33) $18.00
The Black & White of Grey Matter (CONG2011-34) $18.00
Diagnostic & Therapeutic Approaches to Truncal Vein Management, Surgical Treatment of Truncal Veins, Endovenous Thermal Ablation for Truncal... $24.00
Ultrasound Credentialing in Phlebology, Credentialing & Accreditation in Phlebology, Phlebology Practice Accreditation (CONG2011-36) $18.00
Single Needle Laser Ablation of Incompetent Perforator Veins, Predictive Value of Leg Swelling & Leg Edema, Endoscopic Foam Sclerotherapy for... $12.00
Compression in Mixed Ulcers, Implementing Guidelines, Depression Common with Venous, Performance in Phlebology, Venous Reflux, Compression Stockings... $24.00
Timing & Techniques for Managing Tributary Veins, What is Ambulatory Phlebectomy, Tributary Treatment with Sclerotherapy, Sclerotherapy - Venous... $30.00
Journal Club: Evaluation & Discussion of Current Literature Affecting Today's Phlebologist, Does Thrombophilia Testing Help, ACP 2011... $30.00
Superficial Venous Thrombosis: Definitions & Stakes, Treatment of Superficial Thrombophlebitis, Thrombotic Complications of Endovenous Thermal... $18.00
ACP Annual Congress 2011: How to Participate in Clinical Research, Principles of Research, How to Implement the Fundamentals, What Evidence is... $24.00
Patients at Thrombotic Risk: Is Prophylaxis Necessary, Diagnostic & Therapeutic Algorithms, Anticoagulants, Old & New, The Venous Ulcer... $24.00
Complication: Skin Retraction Post Endovenous Thermal Ablation, Injury of Femoral Vessels During Stripping, Venous M & M, Small Veins & Big... $48.00
Unusual Leg Ulcer, Klippel- Trenaunay Syndrome, Post Thrombotic Syndrome (CONG2011-46) $12.00