Title Cost
Steam Ablation, Great Saphenous Ablation Versus Foam, Small Saphenous Compared to Great- Ablation, Intraluminal Blood, Endothelin Release, Follow Up... $18.00
Preparing for a Phlebology Emergency, Clotting & Other Problems (CONG2011-17) $24.00
Solutions & Small Veins: Optimizing Ablation Results, Optimizing Treatment of Small Vessels Part II, How to Avoid Bad Results & Complications... $36.00
Hallmark to a Successful Vein Practice, Emergency Response, Skin Findings in Venous Insuffiency (CVI), Reduce Medical Legal Risk, Art & Technique... $36.00
Pelvic & Iliac Veins Anatomy, Venous Duplex Hemodynamics (CONG2011-20) $18.00
Compression to Reduce Extremity Oedema, Predicting Post-Thrombotic Syndrome, Popliteal Compression, Venous Abnormalities, Diagnosis of Iliocaval... $24.00
Examination of Chronic Cerebrospinal Venous Insuffiency (CCSVI), Updates on CCSVI, CCSVI: Current State of Therapeutic Interventions, CCSVI: Is This... $30.00
Laser Fundamentals, Laser & Light Sources in Transcutaneous Treatment, State of the Art Telangiectatic Treatment (CONG2011-23) $31.25
The Calf Muscle in Venous Health & Disease, Sports & Compression, Vein Injuries & Sports, Sports & Physical Activities After Venous... $30.00
Electronic Health Records, ACPh XXV Annual Congress, Meaningful Use & Beyond Meaningful Use, EHR Incentive Program (CONG2011-25) $24.00
Thrombofilia, Balance of Hemostasis II (CONG2011-26) $18.00
Neurologic Events Following Foam Sclerotherapy, Gases, Bubbles & Foam, Foam Sclerotherapy & Safety Precautions, Cardiopulmonary Right to Left... $24.00
Dermatology: Diagnoses You Don't Want to Miss, Common Benign Lesion & Rashes of the Leg, Dermatology: Diagnosis of Leg Ulcers, Common... $30.00
Positives & Negatives of Incorporating New Technologies - Including: Example of RadioFrequency Segmental Thermal Ablation, MOCA,... $12.00
Medical Necessity: Who Gets to Decide? (CONG2011-30) $12.00