Title Cost
Capturing the Patient's Voice (CONG2011-33) $18.00
Venous Clinical Anatomy, Physiology, History, & Physical (CONG2011-01) $18.00
Preparing for a Phlebology Emergency, Clotting & Other Problems (CONG2011-17) $24.00
Medical Necessity: Who Gets to Decide? (CONG2011-30) $12.00
Credentialing - What's Out There, Overview of Use of Ultrasound in Venous Treatments (CONG2011-47) $12.00
Advanced Imaging (CONG2011-14) $18.00
Neurologic Events Following Foam Sclerotherapy, Gases, Bubbles & Foam, Foam Sclerotherapy & Safety Precautions, Cardiopulmonary Right to Left... $24.00
Patients at Thrombotic Risk: Is Prophylaxis Necessary, Diagnostic & Therapeutic Algorithms, Anticoagulants, Old & New, The Venous Ulcer... $24.00
Successful New Medical Technologies; New Technologies: "Trust Me I'm A Doctor"; Positives & Negatives New Technologies Into Your... $12.00
The Calf Muscle in Venous Health & Disease, Sports & Compression, Vein Injuries & Sports, Sports & Physical Activities After Venous... $30.00
Journal Club: Evaluation & Discussion of Current Literature Affecting Today's Phlebologist, Does Thrombophilia Testing Help, ACP 2011... $30.00
Healthcare Reform, Patient Safety - Quality & Accreditation, Vascular Lab Accreditation, Advanced Phlebology Professionals (CONG2011-08) $24.00
Compression to Reduce Extremity Oedema, Predicting Post-Thrombotic Syndrome, Popliteal Compression, Venous Abnormalities, Diagnosis of Iliocaval... $24.00
Single Needle Laser Ablation of Incompetent Perforator Veins, Predictive Value of Leg Swelling & Leg Edema, Endoscopic Foam Sclerotherapy for... $12.00
Documenting Duplex, CT & MR for Venous Imaging, Conservative Management of Venous Disease, Visual Sclerotherapy (CONG2011-05) $24.00