American Venous Forum (AVF) Symposium: Clinical Scenarios & Strategies for Combined Superficial & Deep Venous Disease (CONG2018-34)

This activity includes the following:

Superficial Vein Disease and Infra-Inguinal Deep Vein Disease
  Antonios Gasparis, MD

Popliteal Venous Aneurysm and Varicose Veins: Case Review & Discussion
  Harold Welch, MD

The Importance of Eliminating Below Kneww Venous Reflux for Ulcer Healing and the EVRA Trial
  Elna Masuda, MD

Complex Axial Reflux: Extended Definition of Pathological Perforators
  Fedor Lurie, MD, PhD

Biologics in the Treatment of Combined Disease with Ulcers
  B.K. Lal, MD

Link Between Morphology of Iliac Veins and Outcomes
  Lowell Kabnick, MD, FACS, FACPh, RPhS

Saphenous Reflux and Iliac Obstruction: How Do We Decide Which to Treat and in What Order?
  William Marston, MD

Panel Discussion

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Target Audience

The primary target audience includes physicians, physician assistants and advanced registered nurse practitioners, ultrasound technologists, nurses, allied health and all other healthcare professionals currently or planning to care for patients with venous disease. Specialists focusing on phlebology, cardiology, general surgery, vascular surgery, interventional radiology, interventional cardiology, dermatology, dermatologic surgery, internal medicine, family practice, plastic surgery, obstetrics and gynecology, vascular medicine, and emergency medicine are invited to enhance their knowledge and skills specific to the treatment of venous and lymphatic disease.

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Antonios Gasparis, MDSpeaker

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Lowell Kabnick, MD, FACS, FACPh, RPhSSpeaker

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BK Lal, MDSpeakerNonen/a
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William Marston, MDSpeaker

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Elna Masuda, MDPlanner; Moderator; SpeakerNonen/a
Stephen H. Moss, BA, CHCPStaffNonen/a
Harold Welch, MDSpeakerNonen/a



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