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Arterial Anatomy and Pathophysiologyn/a$20.00/$25.0006/18/2012 - 03/25/2021
Conservative Management of Chronic Venous Diseasen/a$15.00/$18.7502/07/2013 - 03/25/2021
Duplex Ultrasound- Why and Hown/a$15.00/$18.7505/30/2013 - 03/25/2021
How to Prevent Complications During Treatment of Varicose and Telangiectatic Veins


$20.00/$25.0002/07/2013 - 03/25/2021
Patient History and Physical Examn/a$20.00/$25.0006/18/2012 03/25/2021
Phlebology History and Physical Examinationn/a$15.00/$18.7505/30/2013 - 03/25/2021
Principles of Treatment for Sclerotherapyn/a$20.00/$25.0006/18/2012 03/25/2021
Social Media: How to Harness its Power and Avoid Pitfalls In Your Practicen/a$30.00/$37.5002/07/2013 - 03/25/2021
Types of Testing Options Based on History and Exam with Panel Discussionn/a$20.00/$25.0006/18/2012 03/25/2021
Venous Anatomy and Pathophysiologyn/a$30.00/$37.5006/18/2012 03/25/2021


Advanced Phlebology    

Anticoagulation for Superficial Vein Thrombosis/Thrombosis Debates: Aggressive vs. Conservative- Management of Superficial Thrombophlebitis0.50$20.00/$25.0002/07/2013 - 03/25/2021
Endovenous Thermal Ablation n/a$15.00/$18.7502/07/2013 - 03/25/2021
Phlebectomy0.25$15.00/$18.7502/07/2013 - 03/25/2021
Sclerotherapy of Incompetent Perforating Veins, Neovessels, and Venous Malformationsn/a$20.00/$25.0006/18/2012 - 03/25/2021
The Swollen Leg(s)n/a$15.00/$18.7505/30/2013 - 03/25/2021
Treating Reticular and Spider Veins: Liquid Sclerotherapy, Visual Sclerotherapy with Foam - OHMIC Treatment of Spider Veins or Reticular Veinsn/a$20.00/$25.0006/18/2012 - 03/25/2021
Treatment of Isolated Calf Vein Thrombosisn/a$20.00/$25.0002/07/2013 - 03/25/2021


Deep Veins